General trash removal:

$200.00 minimum for general removal, $75 minimum for an appliance.  Additional truckloads discounted.

Appliance removal:
$75 for the first appliance, $50 each after that. Please note that appliances containing Freon incur a $25 fee for safely (and legally) recycling the Freon.

Piano disposal:

Pianos can be dismantled and the materials can be recycled. Prices start at $295.00.

Hot Tub removal:

$350 and up depending upon disconnection from electric and water, removing frame-works, etc.

Shed removal:

$250 and up, depending on size of the shed, power connections, whether there is a pad to be removed, etc.

Carpet removal and hauling:

$3 per square yard with a minimum of $200.00.
$4 per square yard if staples and tack strip being removed.

Tile removal:
$1 per square foot with a $250.00 minimum.


Price Comparisons


If you have:

Burly Guys Pricing:

National Franchise charges:

The Bagster costs:

One Truckload (14 cu. yd.)



$565.00 (5 bags)

Half Truckload (7 cu. yd.)



$238.00 (2 bags)

1/4 Truckload (3.5 cu. yd.)




Call (248) 224-2188 for more specific pricing questions. All pricing is for work done within ten miles of Waterford Michigan . There may be additional charges based on distance or accessibility, or for exceedingly heavy, dense or wet loads.

If you see illegal dumping taking place, snap a photo with your cell phone (preferably getting the license plate number) and call your local police. Help keep our environment clean!